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Years ago artist Nina had a vision. A vision about breaking the everyday mold of the traditional portrait. She wanted to use her talents to create a timeless reflection of her subject's individuality. She wanted it to be more than a flat lifeless wall hanging. She wanted these hand-crafted works of art to have a soul.

With this in mind she created Body Double.

Artist Nina takes your photographs and specifications and transforms them into a very unique, personal, and individualized sculpture that's timeless, much like you.

Has anyone ever told you, you were a work of art?
Now you can be.

Nina was born in Chicago and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. She began her art career with welding and foundry work. This branched off into becoming an art teacher and opening her own school of art.

She later made the transition to wood carving and soon founded Body Double. Her Body Double work has allowed her to make likenesses of Sir Anthony Hopkins (click here to see letter and image of sculpture in home), Michael Jordan, John Lennon, Greg Norman, Rob Johnson (ABC News anchor), Shaun Gayle (Chicago Bear), and many others.

Her work is now shown in many galleries and private collections throughout the world. Nina continues to show her work in one-man shows. She also continues her vision of changing the face of traditional portraits.

No project too small. No project too tall. We work within your means. Please, just contact us and we'll work with you.

PO Box 67001
Los Angeles, CA 90067
PH: 310-556-0536

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